Josh Chang (PBG) Announces Its Launch of the Second Release of Its Website


Lafayette, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/08/2012 -- (PBG) announces its launch of the second release of its website, “PBG 2.0” to gamers and the gaming industry. CEO Cabe Sipes announces, “With its launch on November 14th of 2012, we will take the first step in our journey to bring the highest quality of online gaming experience to any gamer that chooses to join us on”

PBG did its initial launch of its website in September of 2010. Cabe began design of PBG 2.0 in early 2012, in conjunction with his U.S. based staff, working to identify not only what could be improved with PBG, but what could be added to enhance the online video game experience above and beyond what anyone else had ever conceived for, or expected from, an online gaming site. With PBG 2.0 development underway, he undertook the challenge of perfecting PBG, taking online competitive video gaming to the next level, and moving the industry in the direction that he saw as the future of online competitive video games.

PBG 2.0 perfected many of its existing features, such as Spectated Daily Matches and Tournaments. Then, with its new release it also offers added features such as Achievements, Team Creation, Seasons, and Challenges. Then, finally, PBG 2.0 brings features to the table which no other online competitive video game site offers, such as Community Profiles, Wager Challenges, Independent XP Currency, Skill Level Algorithm and Fully Automated Tournaments and Seasons. Overall, gamers will find a superior feature list, as well as gaming experience, when they arrive at the doorstep of aims to change the gaming industry for the better with the release of PBG 2.0. CEO Cabe Sipes states, “With the addition of PBG 2.0, and its superior ability to compete with the established online competitive gaming sites, we aim to bring about more leverage to the gamers themselves. We want to offer players options when it comes to their ability to choose which site to play on, what features are available to them, as well as elevate their chances to earn money and prizes within the video game industry. Whereas, you may have needed connections in order to get yourself noticed before. Now, you will simply need your skill and your personality to make it as a professional player. You will be able to earn your position within a professional video game circuit, as well as have increased visibility to newly acquired sponsors and vendors, as you participate in the activity that you love most.” also desires to continue to improve the online competitive video game experience to its gamers. Sipes explains, “We will constantly be looking for the next big thing that we can offer to our gamers, as well as what direction the industry should be moving in. If our gamers ask for it, mention it in passing, or complain about it, we listen. We love comments and controversy, as it is what helps to bring about change and improvement! Yes, we love constructive criticism as well, but we will welcome input in any form, font, or decibel level, that will help us to improve the experience of our gamers. However, we still do require proper gaming etiquette and communications for all of our matches and tournaments! Please, don’t forget that and please do go through the proper channels to get your suggestions to us.”

About is the first online competitive video game site to break the mold! We eliminated the old ways, forged a path to allow for more value and fun to be had by all competitive gamers, while simultaneously ensuring a positive and quality gaming experience. With our top-notch PBG Admin staff constantly hosting our daily matches and select tournament matches, we ensure that there is always proper game etiquette and game communications. We are offering our quality service within PC, PSN, and Xbox game titles, allowing for a worry free, ridicule free, and hostility free gaming environment. We are not directly affiliated with any gaming console company, or any game title manufacturer or their affiliates. We simply provide our service of a structured and proper gaming experience, and offer more competitive and community features than you'll find within any other gaming site, or individual game title. Also known as the unofficial safe-haven for girl gamers, we offer an enhanced gaming experience, free of foul behavior and improper game communications, thus increasing the overall value of the gaming community's experience with each and every game title we choose to feature on our site. The gamers and gaming community come first in our eyes, and we are 100% owned by, created by, and created for, gamers.

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Jason Cloninger/ Public Relations/ Prometheusiv@att.neture on our site. The gamers and gaming community come first in our eyes, and we are 100% owned by, created by, and created for, gamers.

PBG Media Contact:
Jason Cloninger/ Public Relations/