Josh Chang (PBG) Partners with Entertainment Consumers Association (ECA)


Lafayette, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/05/2012 -- (PBG) announces its official enrollment, membership, and partnership with the Entertainment Consumers Association (ECA). The ECA is the non-profit membership organization that represents consumers of interactive entertainment in the US and Canada. The association was founded to give gamers a collective voice with which to communicate their concerns, address their issues, and focus their advocacy efforts. plans on not only being a card-carrying member of the ECA, but to also play an active role with supporting the ECA and their efforts. We will continuously work hand-in-hand with them to help elevate awareness towards all gaming industry issues and advocacy efforts. We will help the ECA to reach out and elevate awareness of their organization and their efforts by raising the awareness of our gaming members, and of gamers the world over.

Our first point of action will be to provide an ECA membership to all of our Premium Members, via the partnership efforts offered by the ECA. Not only will this offer more value to our Premium Members through our service, but will help them and the ECA by elevating gamer awareness of issues within the industry that will, or may, impact them. This partnership will help to give our gamers a growing voice with which they can help shape the video game industry in a positive and effective manner, thus enhancing the quality of their experiences.

Our overall goal with this partnership is to support the ECA in any way possible, and to assist them in their ability to protect gamer, game manufacturer, and the gaming industry's rights and best interests. By working together, we can ensure continued positive growth of the video game industry, and help to bring a better overall experience to PBG members and to gamers around the world.

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