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‘Payday Loan Solutions’ Matches Applicants With Lenders Quickly, Privately, and Online


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/28/2011 -- Due to the shaky economy, more people than ever are living paycheck to paycheck. Many have had their hours cut at work and are simply not making as much money as before. An unforeseen emergency can make it difficult to get the monthly bills paid on time; anything from a medical bill to a car repair or needing to purchase winter clothing for the kids can take an already stretched budget and break it.

Traditionally, cash-strapped people who needed a little help making it to the next payday would go to their local bank and ask for a quick loan, or maybe ask a friend or relative for help. However, due to the many rules and regulations that banks may now adhere to, getting even a small loan can be extremely difficult and require a lot of time and paperwork, and for many, asking someone for money can be extremely embarrassing.

A website has been receiving a lot of attention lately for helping financially stressed people get the money they need to tide them over to their next paycheck. Payday Loan Solutions helps match clients up with the best lender, right in their own state quickly, securely, and all from the privacy of home.

“We serve as your financial matchmaker, pairing you with the perfect lender for your individual and unique payday loan needs,” an article on the company’s website explained, adding that no credit checks are needed for those who apply for a paycheck loan, and that no one is forced into accepting a loan that he or she does not want.

“We are not a bank, but that works to your advantage. Your payday loan will be handled by one of the best lending institutions we can pair you up with in your state. We work as an unbiased middleman, and if any lender doesn’t meet and maintain our strict set of standards, then we won’t send you (or anybody else) to them for a loan.”

Applying for payday loans is easy and stress-free: simply log onto the website and fill out the quick 90-second application. The process is safe, secure and every client’s privacy is 100 percent guaranteed. Payday Loan Solutions uses the most secure encryption techniques so clients can rest assured their personal information will not be compromised.

About Payday Loan Solutions
Payday Loan Solutions is an online financial matchmaker, pairing up clients who are short on cash with lenders in their state who can help them get a quick loan to tide them over until the next paycheck arrives. The application process can be completed online and is safe and secure. No credit check is required, and most people get their money very quickly, sometimes within minutes. For more information, please visit http://www.paydayloansolutions.net