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Payday Loans Online: A Complete Guide Plus Lenders' Reviews Now Available, Free Consumer Copies


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/01/2013 -- Although the economy is showing signs of improvement, millions of Americans find themselves cash-strapped and looking for a payday loan lifeline—regularly. For this reason, the payday loan industry is booming... and, it is here to stay. Consumer loan information center is helping empower loan seekers with the knowledge to make sound borrowing decisions before loan approval, not after funds receipt. The company announced today the release of its new publication: “Payday Loans Online: A Complete Guide Plus Lenders Reviews,” available for immediate access on the company website.

Twelve million Americans take out payday loans annually, according to the Pew Safe Small-Dollar Loans Research Project report published last year. Surprisingly, the study found that, on average, borrowers take out eight payday loans a year, spending approximately $520 on interest with a typical loan size of $375. “The payday loan industry is in high demand,” says site founder and curator Marcus L. Ward. “Because of this, consumers need a place to research payday loan information and to seek out reputable online payday loan lenders .”

According to Ward, the site aims to meet both of these objectives by providing consumers with in-depth information about the payday loan industry. In keeping with this purpose, the company’s new “Payday Loans Online: A Complete Guide Plus Lenders Reviews” publication is free and publicly accessible. The guide covers the basics of payday loans, from initial inquiry through application and receipt of loan funds, as well as how to escape the infamous payday loan cycle.

However, unlike other sites in the lending niche, doesn’t always paint the perfect picture about the industry. The new guide makes clear the associated dangers by giving straightforward facts and information, and asking consumers the most important and direct question of all: “Can you really not wait until your next paycheck?” “We’re here to make sure consumers look before they leap, so to speak,” Ward adds. “If they make the decision to borrow money, we provide them with resources to make sure they get the best deal from online payday loan lenders that have a proven track record of respecting local laws.”

In addition to the new guide, also provides consumers with resource information on debt management, consumer credit repair, and tips, articles and guides about loans in the mortgage, auto and education industries among others.

To access your free copy of “Payday Loans Online: A Complete Guide Plus Lenders Reviews,” visit the company website (

About is a consumer loan information center dedicated to educating the public with in-depth information on payday loans and loans from a variety of industries, including the mortgage, auto and education sectors among others. The new “Payday Loans Online: A Complete Guide Plus Lenders Reviews” publication is available for immediate access on the company’s website:

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