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Payday Loan Website Raising Eyebrows for Quick Loans, Iron Clad Security, and Non-Invasive Application Process


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/28/2011 -- In response to the recent demand for reputable and secure payday loans websites, Payday Loan Solutions is announcing their website that assists clients with getting a payday loan quickly and easily.

With the current state of the economy emergency money is a luxury that many people don’t have. Living paycheck to paycheck is a reality that millions of people face, and when an unexpected financial demand occurs they often do not have the means to deal with effectively.

The logical solution would be to visit a bank. But financial institutions have drawn their purse strings so tight that unless a borrower has phenomenal credit there is very little chance they can get a loan. To make matters worse, it usually takes at least a couple of weeks for a loan to be approved, and banks will scoff at a loan appeal that is less than thousands of dollars in scope.

The internet has afforded borrowers certain freedoms that were never available before. Today a person can go online and find thousands of payday loan sites that are more than willing to lend them money.

But with the solution comes another problem. Often it’s difficult to discern between a legitimate payday loan institution and a fly-by-night company that literally started overnight.

Payday Loan Solution was created to give users the convenience, anonymity, and speed of a payday loan site with the iron clad security of a physical bank.

The process for acquiring payday loans online is decidedly simple. Once a user lands on the interface they simply need to enter their name, email, state, and how much they intend to borrow. The software will then put them in touch with a reputable financial institution that can lend them their desired funds within hours.

“We’ll find you a loan without the hassles – like those long loan applications and nosey inquiries into your credit history,” says a Payday Loan Solutions representative. “You won’t have to wait, so you can take care of your financial emergency right now and get on with your life.”

Once the information is gathered it is spun into unreadable ones a zeros, sent over to the secure loan center, unraveled, and processed by a certified loan officer. The money is then wired into the borrower’s bank account.

All the financial institutions ask is that the borrower pays back the loan with their next paycheck: “Nobody will ask you to pay a penny on your loan until you’ve actually gotten paid from your job. No point in getting a loan to pay off another loan is there?” says the website.

To learn more about Payday Loan Solutions, or to get a payday loan quickly and easily, please visit: http://www.paydayloansolutions.net/