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PayDayLoan.co.uk Features a Newly Redesigned Website for Even Faster Cash Advance Decisions


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/19/2012 -- What do overdue bills, unexpected expenses, and a pay day that is still two week away have in common? Stress is the generally the most frequent answer. Unfortunately this scenario is all too common with the current state of the economy. All it takes is a medical emergency, car repair, or trip to the emergency room to make money extremely tight.

PayDayLoans.co.uk is an independent service that offers a quick solution to this problem by assisting financially strapped individuals back on their feet with payday loans. By connecting consumers with a variety of payday loan lenders, recipients will receive fast cash and a reason to sign a deep breath of relief.

In addition to information about the various payday loan companies, the website also features informative articles about payday loans, including basic information as well as the pros and cons of using this type of cash advance.

“Payday loans enable you to receive a cash advance without resorting to long-term loans, or in other words – long-term debt,” explains an article on the company’s website. “Taking out a payday loan has no impact on your credit rating and you have the luxury of being able to discuss the terms of your finance situation with a bank/lender.”

One of the greatest disadvantages of a payday loan is that they are not suitable for long-term lending due to their high rate of interest. Most payday loans are really only cost effective if used over a short-term monthly period.

Most cash advance loans range between £80 to £800 and sometimes even up to £1,000 and are generally paid back within a couple of weeks.

The PayDayLoans.co.uk website has been recently redesigned and updated for even greater ease in navigation along with even faster decisions. To apply for a fast cash loan customers may fill out a simple application accessible from the homepage. Anyone with a bank account, job, and regular wage may apply. In most cases, applicants will receive an instant decision without having the added headache of having to fax paperwork.

About PaydayLoans.co.uk
PaydayLoans.co.uk is the leading online resource for all payday loan providers and has been noted as one of the top “30 Lenders in 30 Seconds”. As an independent service, the website is able to connect consumers with the most reputable and appropriate payday loan lenders on the market. Applicants can now apply hassle free from the comfort of home without having to fax additional paperwork.

For more information, please visit http://www.paydayloans.co.uk