Joe Bragg Pledges to Help to Customers With Bad Credit


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/16/2012 -- Getting a loan in today’s economy can be very difficult. The global economic crisis has made banks incredibly nervous about increasing their exposure to loans, especially for people with bad credit. To fill the need for emergency loans for people with bad credit, dozens of pay day loan companies have been springing up across the country.

One company making waves in this area is, a website offering pay day loans to customers who have had credit difficulties in the past. People who have gotten into trouble with credit and have a bad credit rating are often completely excluded from major credit facilities, but are opening up these facilities to their customers.

The service works by sending loan applications off to hundreds of different lenders, who all compete to provide the best rate. This leads to better value loans for customers and enables customers with poor credit history to get a loan.

Visitors to the website can apply for loans of up to £1000 directly though the site, just by filling in a simple and easy to understand form. The process can work incredibly quickly, potentially giving customers who apply for a bad credit payday loan their money within a few minutes.

The website has a FAQ, which comprehensively outlines the entire payday loan process, and answers any questions that customers might have about getting a pay day loan through the site.

The site is also replete with a plethora of useful editorial content related to pay day loans. This part of the site serves as a useful information source for potential payday loan customers.

A spokesperson for the site said:

“People these days are finding it incredibly difficult to get credit, especially if they have a poor credit history. Our payday loans can provide you with a quick influx of money when consumers need it - Even if they have bad credit. A payday loans for bad credit is ideal for those who need a bit of cash to tidy them over until payday. Unfortunately many payday loan lenders don’t accept bad credit - but this is where we come in, many of our lenders are happy to lend to borrowers irrespective of their credit history. Our payday loans are also highly flexible and consumers can extend them or pay them back earlier for lower fees in most cases.”

About is a website where people can apply for a pay day loan, no matter what credit difficulties they may have gotten into in the past.

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