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Consolidating Private Student Loans Where to Combine Federal Student Loan Debt


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2014 -- After graduating from college and being out in the working world for some time, many people begin to look into debt consolidation for student loans. is here to help them understand the process by offering some insight into it, such as:

- When to Consolidate
- Where to Combine Student Loans
- Private Student Loan Merging
- Federal Loan Consolidation

When to Blend Student Loans

Any graduate knows that they must repay their student loans once a month. For some, that’s not so hard – they only have two. For others who have five or six separate loans, it can become overwhelming. The time to consider a debt consolidation loan for student loan debt is when it comes to having to choose between eating for the month or paying the loans. It’s time to think about it when Peter is going broke for constantly paying Paul’s debt. When someone is working two jobs just to pay his student loans, it’s time to combine them into one.

Where to Merge Student Loan Debt

Depending on where the loans were applied for and generated from, debt consolidation for student loans can be done almost anywhere financial transactions take place. If one filled out the paperwork for the loans at one’s college, he can go through the Financial Aid Office there to find out about merging them. For those who received their loans from online lenders, accessing the sites used can result in combining loans into one with one payment. Going through can also help one obtain consolidation.

Private Loan Consolidation

There are rules that state that private student loans – those obtained through banks or credit unions – cannot be combined with federal ones, so obtaining a debt consolidation loan for student loan debt must be done through the original lenders. If, for some reason, they aren’t interested in merging one’s loans, check with credit unions or other banks in the area; one of them will undoubtedly be happy to help one out.

Federal Student Loan Merging

Debt consolidation for Federal student loans can be done through one’s university’s Financial Aid office, online at, or through All of these organizations can help one with obtaining and filling out application forms. They can also offer advice on how to get the applications where they need to be. They’ll help one know when to expect a response from the lenders approached, also. Their goal is to make combining student loan debt into one loan with one payment easier; be sure to access any of them for assistance.

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