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PayMore Stores Announces Better Way to Dispose of Cell Phones


Massapequa, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2014 -- Whether Santa sent a new Samsung Galaxy down the chimney or New Year's was celebrated with the purchase of a new iPhone, PayMore Stores has announced that there is a better way to dispose of the old models that have just begun gathering dust.

According to the EPA, with over 100 million cell phones being tossed aside each year, only eight percent are being recycled. PayMore Stores, a company where clients can sell electronics for cash at , is dedicated to making recycling these devices easier for the general public.

The company can usually pay clients cash for old cell phones at which they then securely wipe clear of all personal data and resell to vendors. Reusing these old phones creates a win-win-win situation for the customer, PayMore Stores, and the environment. Additionally, PayMore Stores states that, "If your gadget has no market value and we cannot offer to purchase it from you, PayMore offers to responsibly recycle the electronic gadget free of charge." They know that many customers would be happy to recycle their phones, but are not always sure how to go about doing so. They are proud to offer this service to customers.

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Since 2011, PayMore Store have offered safe and secure retail locations where customers can go to sell any new, used, or broken electronics for cash. Pay More Stores removes the hassle from getting the best trade-in price for all electronics and offers a way for customers to sell a laptop for cash at or get money for used electronics.

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