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PayMore Stores Uses Approved Privacy Protection


Massapequa, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/23/2013 -- PayMore Stores is the place to go with an old cell phone, laptop or other device. At PayMore Stores, customers receive instant cash payments and top prices for even broken equipment. However, some customers have a concern: what happens to private data such as telephone numbers, emails and other information?

PayMore Stores, located on the web at , understands that private data in the wrong hands can be a big problem for anyone selling an old cell phone, computer or other device. Therefore, PayMore Stores takes every possible step to wipe data clean and ensure that customer privacy is respected.

When a PayMore Stores specialist takes in a new device, a process begins by which the device is evaluated and the hard drive, SD cards or other data storage devices are removed. These data-containing devices are then wiped clean using the latest technology so that no hidden files remain. The data-wiping process used by PayMore Stores meets and exceeds industry standards to ensure that data is never inadvertently shared with someone else.

PayMore Stores honors its commitment to customer security and privacy by following strict standards and protocols when it comes to removing data of previous owners from devices. PayMore Stores also has a strict policy on disposal of unusable devices. If a device is not operable and cannot be sold for any money, PayMore Stores will still dispose of it free of charge for the customer and will ensure that the data is protected from those who might try to steal it.

Furthermore, PayMore Stores is happy to dispose of electronic devices in ways that do not harm the environment.

PayMore Stores, located on the web at , is dedicated to customer privacy protection as well as protection of the environment when purchasing or disposing of any type of electronic device or data storage unit.

About PayMore Stores
PayMore Stores not only offers cash payments for old electronics, games and devices but also ensures customer security and privacy. With the help of a friendly and knowledgeable PayMore Stores expert, customers can have their old devices evaluated, wiped clean and recycled responsibly while still receiving top dollar for their electronics.

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