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Payplus Now Offering Fast Quotes

Payplus has over 30 years of experience in payroll and has become one of the UK’s leading payroll service companies. Their website redesign now includes a free quotation service to make it easier for companies to get the answers they need to make a decision quickly.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/05/2016 -- There are only two choices for most businesses when it comes to payroll, do it in-house or outsource. Because of ever-changing legislation, sometimes the use of in-house software can be highly problematic. Most companies do not have the money for an accounting team, and therefore look for software or outside assistance to manage their payrolls and tax obligations. Choosing payroll service companies is usually based on a combination of factors, with one large consideration being the price. Payplus is a UK based business with over 30 years of payroll experience. The company has managed payroll for businesses and organizations all over the UK and even including multi-nationals. Their record speaks for itself, but the company also understands that their capabilities must also be weighed against cost and so has provided a free, fast quote system for businesses to use in order to make the best decision for their company.

"We now have an online contact form that lets businesses and organizations detail their needs and which then enables us to provide a quote without wasting their time," says Managing Director Robin Mead. "A lot of people are afraid to call because they believe they will encounter a hard sales pitch. We know that we're one of the top firms in the UK and believe our reputation speaks for itself. When it comes to choosing a solution for their payroll, most businesses will choose Payplus once they realize that, not only are we a dedicated team of experienced professionals, but also affordable. Our fast quote service puts that information in front of them and allows them to make the decision without pressure."

The company believes that even in an automated world there is still a need for accounting and payroll firms. Payplus is fully familiar with all of the various aspects of both PAYE rules and HMRC legislation and can help companies safely navigate the regulations and legislation that applies. Real Time Information is how HMRC controls payroll data and updates their own records. That means that there must be suitable software or a service to find and eliminate discrepancies before they become an issue. Payplus ensures that all of their clients have accurate returns sent to HMRC so that everything can run smoothly.

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