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Paz Gohil Launches Mind Architect E-Course to Help People Achieve the Impossible

Paz Gohil is a controversial figure known to some as the ‘Anti Therapy Guy’, but known to his growing adherents as The Mind Architect for his ability to coach and facilitate life changing transformations.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/02/2014 -- Paz Gohil has been a divisive figure in speaking out on the limitations of therapy, leading some to label him as the ‘anti therapy guy’. Gohil’s position is more nuanced than that however, and he has said in as many words that he is not against therapy, but rather finds it usefulness is only for those trying to resolve a problem, rather than maximize their potential. Paz Gohil has responded to this label with one of his own – The Mind Architect. With this branding, and a new website, Paz has launched an e-course that will help people transform their fortunes through the power of optimized thinking.

The e-course offers the opportunity to identify and reform beliefs and perspectives that are holding users back, remodel this so-called mind architecture so that it is conducive to clarity and success, and identify and help users create a proliferation of new resources and approaches that will make the impossible possible.

The course is delivered through an online video, audio and white paper series, and for a limited time only, Paz Gohil is offering the entire course for free to allow people to see how his transformative coaching concepts are in no way ‘anti-therapy’ but is instead proactively and deeply transformative.

Paz Gohil, The Mind Architect explained in his own words, "If a sprinter wants to run faster he doesn't go and see a physical therapist, he'll go and seek out a coach to increase his performance. From school, to college to sports, we've all experienced coaching. But when it comes to increasing mind performance many people automatically think of going to see a 'therapist'. I'm not against therapy, however in the context of increasing mind performance, coaching is the superior choice. Therapy aims to stabilize the foundation, where coaching builds on that foundation to stretch and realize greater potential."

About The Mind Architect
The Mind Architect is a new site dedicated to promoting the latest e-training course produced by Paz Gohil, known himself as The Mind Architect for his innovative coaching practices, designed to have transformative results on people’s realities and ability to harness their own potential. Available now. For more information please visit: