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Pazeto Cleaning Service Announces the Availability of Customizable Cleaning Schedules


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/30/2014 -- Every home presents unique challenges and needs when it comes to cleaning. Some homes seem to be prone to cobwebs while others are predisposed to constantly dirty floors. Depending on work requirements and social obligations, not everyone has time to give their house the cleaning it needs. With varying lifestyles in mind, Pazeto Cleaning Service, a leader in house cleaning in Philly, announces the availability of customizable cleaning schedules. With options ranging from weekly to monthly, they can accommodate any budget.

The weekly plan is recommended for those with busy calendars or pets and children. The weekly option will keep the messiest of homes looking immaculate. For those with some spare time on their hands to tidy from time to time, Pazeto Cleaning Service recommends the bi-weekly option. With the residents doing the light work, such as occasional vacuuming or dusting, the cleaners can focus on the more difficult work like hand wiping the molding. The monthly plan is great for those who are frequently away and just need occasional cleaning performed.

The customization does not end with the frequency of the cleaning, clients can pick the times at which their house will be cleaned. No longer will the television have to be paused while the living room is vacuumed, as the resident can have the cleaning done while they are at work. If there is a special event happening on a Sunday, the owner can even call ahead to have the house cleaned on a Saturday. The same cleaners will come to the house every time and each professional has been screened and trained to give the homeowner peace of mind.

Known for providing the highest-quality home cleaning in Philadelphia, Pazeto Cleaning Service can accommodate houses of every size and shape. To learn more about their service and to get a free quote, visit their website today.

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Pazeto Cleaning Service believes that clean homes bring their owners joy. This is why they offer their customers several ways to get a clean home. In addition to General House Cleaning, Top-To-Bottom Deluxe Cleaning, free cleaning for cancer patients through the Cleaning for a Reason organization, as well as coupons and specials every month.

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