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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/17/2014 -- Taking care of the interiors of a residential or commercial space is an everyday task. While people tend to take care of the various factors that make up for the interiors of their living or working area, not many pay heed to the flooring which drastically affects the whole look of the room. Having good looking flooring is as important as any other factor present inside the rooms and there are a number of ways by which floors can be refurbished to look brand new. Offering floor such services which would lend the lost sheen to floors is PBTP Epoxy Flooring.

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PBTP Epoxy Flooring specializes in these following kinds of flooring repair and renewal services:

-Epoxy Flooring – The Epoxy Flooring Solution is pretty easy to install and lends the residential or commercial space a sophisticated, slick look.

-Polished Concrete – This is an alternative to the Epoxy Flooring option and gives flooring a modern look. PBTP Epoxy Flooring also fills any holes and pits that may be present in the concrete.

-Floor Leveling – For uneven looking floors, this option is apt. The technicians at PBTP Epoxy Flooring make sure that proper steps have been taken to make sure that the floor level is measured correctly and so as to ensure a seamless and perfect finish.

-Concrete acid staining – This technique gives the floor an exotic stone effect which when topped off with a polish; makes the colors glisten and look attractive.

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The many services offered by PBTP Epoxy Flooring include:


Specialty services include:


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Diana Chen, from The Cut above Salon stated, "I had epoxy flooring installed in my business, owning a hair salon I wanted something that was easy to clean and bacteria free. The guys came in mid-week and added this amazing red metallic reflective finish which looks amazing. All my customers comment on how cool it is and it's easy to sweep and clean at the end of the day. I am really happy with it."

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