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PBTP Leads Launches New Leads Providers Service


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/03/2014 -- Powered By The People Leads was founded with the aim of helping businesses expand their marketing options and increasing the scope of their business. Instead of the expensive online marketing option, PBTP provides the option of connecting businesses with their prospective buyers and customers. People looking for specific products often do not find the right kind of buying platform. PBTP ensures to keep the business glued to those who are eager to buy their products and services.

Be it construction,  carpet cleaning, plumbing, electrical, tile cleaning, locksmith or moving services, it offers a wide range of networking and services for its customers. PBTP newly offers leads for water damage companies , leads for garage doors companies, as well as leads for Epoxy flooring contractors . With its new services, PBTP helps customers find the right kind of information and on the other hand, helps companies reach their prospective customers.

When a lead comes in from a customer, requesting for specific information, an e-mail is sent to the company dealing with these services. Companies interested in pursuing these leads can do it then and there and receive full information about the lead. An online billing system ensures quick and efficient payment process. The companies can be rest assured for the leads that they are paying. They are verified and genuine in nature. PBTP also takes enough measures to delete junk mails and requests from its system, giving the companies reliable customers.

Using the services of PBTP does not incur commitment or any form of contract. The pay-as-you-go system ensures that companies do not spend exorbitant amounts of money on seeking out customers.  Many other leads companies in the market often work on the basis of contracts, which is not beneficial to the companies. With locale-specific leads, PBTP leads are hassle-free. Customers can simply view the information in their email and directly purchase it from there. The company also assures high-quality, phone-verified leads to its customers. The options that it provides its customers are also flexible. They can work with any company, whenever they deem fit.

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- Leads for General Contractors
- Leads for Water Damage Companies
- Leads for Moving Companies
- Leads for Epoxy flooring Contractors
- Leads for Garage Doors Companies

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