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PCCleanUpScheduler.com Releases Powerful and Intuitive New Computer Clean Up Tool

New software cleans up all the unwanted junk that stops a computer from running at full speed, and then automatically stops it from happening again.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/16/2013 -- In the normal course of operation, a computer can becomes clogged up with junk files that slow down a PC. This is a standard and inevitable consequence of using a computer. Temporary files, cached web pages, unused programs and obsolete settings all conspire to fill up the hard drive and slow down a computer. However there are programs on the market that help people eliminate the unwanted files from their system, making it run much faster.

One PC clean up website that is getting a lot of attention at the moment is PCCleanUpScheduler.com. They have released a tool that helps people clean all the unwanted junk off their computer without getting rid of anything they need. This tool has quickly built up a reputation as the most effective way of getting a computer back to full speed.

PC Clean Up Scheduler is extremely easy to operate. It works in the background, automatically stopping unwanted files from building up. It continuously cleans, keeping a computer in an optimum state permanently.

A free trial of the PC cleanup software is available to download on the site, so that users can test out the efficiency of the program before they purchase it.

The software has also been featured on YouTube, at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHkki1s5jEA. This video discusses the operation of the software and the many features. There have been dozens of comments on the video from satisfied users of the software.

A spokesperson for the website said: “When a new computer is fresh out of the box it runs very fast indeed, but after just a few months of web browsing and other normal daily activities it can slow down considerably. This is because the computer naturally becomes clogged up with unwanted files in the course of daily use. Some people even replace their computers every year or so because they don’t know how to deal with this problem. However, there is nothing wrong with the actual computer. It is still the exact same fast machine it was when it was new. The best way to restore a computer back to original speed is to clear up all the unwanted files off the computer. A computer clean up is a difficult task to do manually, because these files are hidden in many different locations all over the hard drive. Our program will automatically clean up all these files on a daily basis, stopping them from building up.”

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