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PCD Health Announces One Time Event to Show One How to Improve Overall Health

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Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/23/2014 -- PCD Health proudly invites everyone to a one time event designed to show all how to become healthy in spirit, mind, and body. "Our site offers the best reviews and information when it comes to a wide range of health and wellness products offered online as we wish to help everyone achieve their personal health and fitness goals," Mel Jackson of PCD Health declares.

Wellness comes from within a person, yet many consumers find they are confused as to which products will best meet their unique needs as no two individuals are alike. This can easily be seen by the sheer number of weight loss programs, fitness facilities, nutritional supplements, and diets which are seen everywhere one goes. Americans, in 2014, listed lose weight at their number one New Year's resolution with staying fit and healthy coming in at number five.

"The fitness industry now boasts 41 million health club members, and analysts expect this number to grow to 54.1 million over the next five years. In 2012 alone, Americans spent an additional $32 billion on nutritional supplements and this is expected to reach $60 billion by 2021. These are two of many examples of the importance Americans are placing on their overall health and fitness," Jackson continues.

Graviola fruit juice extract capsules, supplements and teas are products reviewed by PCD Health. Often referred to as Annona muricata and Soursop Gaunabana, these products come from an evergreen tree only found in those parts of the world known for relatively warm winters and high humidity. Most turn to this product when they are trying to prevent or fight cancer.

"Graviola Extract contains Acetogenins which are extremely potent and more effective than chemotherapy. One major benefit of using Graviola extract is that only cancerous cells are targeted. Healthy cells remain untouched which is not the case when one undergoes chemotherapy. Furthermore, the juice made using Graviola treats both inoperable and malignant tumors and yet one experiences no pain as the juice attacks the cancerous cells," Jackson goes on to say.

Graviola Extract is only one product one learns more about when visiting PCD Health. Site contributors reviewed Soursop and plan to look at many more as time goes by. "Visit PCD Health before purchasing any nutritional supplement to see if the site has examined it and to learn more about whether or not this product is right for your needs," Jackson states.

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