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Pcdata USA Picking Leader Announces Open House Invitation to Visit Headquarters

Pcdata USA Picking Leader Announces Open House Invitation to Visit Headquarters


East Granby, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/01/2014 -- Pcdata USA, a global logistics systems leader for supply chain automation, is offering an Open House from 9.00 AM—4.00 PM to manufacturers, distributors, and business leaders. The event is May 1, 2014 at Pcdata USA Headquarters: 99 Rainbow Road, East Granby, CT.

The three powerful Pick to Light solutions will be demonstrated at the Open House. PickCart is Pcdata USA’s new innovative multi-order picking solution which rapidly reduces order assembly time in a high SKU count, low volume warehouse operations. A highly flexible system, PickCart can be deployed as a standalone solution or combined with other picking technologies to produce the ultimate picking strategy in a multitude of environments. The use of high visibility display technology helps to eliminate the potential risks of errors that can occur using other multi-order picking methods.

PickStar is Pcdata USA's easy to install Pick to Light system, which can be deployed in many different warehouse and order pick environments. Traditionally, Pick to Light systems ensure a high level of accuracy, efficiency and reliability for the order picking task. These benefits are included with PickStar, but for a much lower investment. PickStar features all basic critical Pick to Light functionality like barcode scanning of orders, multi zone picking, back side picking and correction buttons and many more. PickStar differentiates from other Pick to Light systems because it is available as a standard out of the box solution.

Uniquely designed, Pcdata USA’s Distrib XE can be set-up completely and deployed within one day. The modular support system and patched cables Distrib XE can be installed and made operational in a matter of hours. The video tutorial and built-in configuration wizard guide users through the setup process.

Pcdata USA pick-to-light systems are part of a lean processes, offering shorter throughput times, fewer errors, significant cost savings; additionally the result is increased customer satisfaction, a faster ability to supply products, and process transparency. Traditional picking methods are one of highest expenses when operating a warehouse. Pcdata USA lowers that cost through leading edge Pick-to-Light systems. Pcdata USA installation versus implementation products are experiencing huge growth in hundreds of business sectors throughout North America.

About Pcdata USA
Pcdata USA (www.pcdatausa.com) is a different type of Pick to Light because unlike expensive WMS solutions that require lengthy implementations, PickStar and Distrib XE are quick one-day installations. Pcdata USA is a global logistics systems leader for supply chain automation. Pcdata USA offers affordable out-of-the-box warehouse optimization solutions. Follow Pcdata USA on Twitter @pcdatausa.

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