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Pcdata USA PickStar Pick to Light Delivers Operational Installation Simplicity and Rapid ROI

Pcdata USA PickStar Pick to Light Delivers Operational Installation Simplicity and Rapid ROI


East Granby, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2013 -- Pcdata USA’s modular hardware is supported by three core SW channels which are designed to cater for the full range of client’s needs. Using three channels that can deploy solutions with little or no requirement for intelligence on a HW only basis, right up to full WMS functionality where Pick to Light (PTL) systems are a single component in a wider operation. One core channel is the PickStar Pick to Light system. The operation simple and provides manufacturers a rapid Return-on-Investment (ROI).

PickStar is Pcdata USA's easy to install Pick to Light system, which can be deployed in many different warehouse and order pick environments. Traditionally, Pick to Light systems ensure a high level of accuracy, efficiency and reliability for the order picking task. These benefits are included with PickStar, but for a much lower investment. PickStar features all basic critical Pick to Light functionality like barcode scanning of orders, multi zone picking, back side picking and correction buttons and many more. PickStar differentiates from other Pick to Light systems because it is available as a standard out of the box solution. With PickStar, it is easy to install, setup, configure, and deploy a fully operational pick to light system within two days, because of its clever and flexible hardware design and clever software design.

According to Antonio Rodrigues, National Sales Manager, “Pcdata USA’s Pick to Light is the ideal tool for use in environments where fast moving unit picking takes place. When compared to rival picking technologies such as voice or RF, Pick to Light offers the largest potential productivity benefits with all the expected improvements in order accuracy. Pcdata USA has invested years of experience into making the Pick to Light offerings easy to implement and extremely flexible. It is easier than ever to extract the huge gains in productivity that this technology offers.”

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Pcdata USA (http://www.pcdatausa.com) is different because unlike expensive WMS solutions that require lengthy implementations, PickStar and Distrib XE are quick one-day installations. Pcdata USA is a global logistics systems leader for supply chain automation. With more than six hundred systems successfully installed in more than thirty countries worldwide, Pcdata USA offers affordable out-of-the-box warehouse optimization solutions.

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Antonio Rodrigues
Senior Manager