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Popcap's Popular Game Plants vs. Zombies Has a New Sequel


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2013 -- PopCap's game Plants vs. Zombies had been installed on more than 150 million devices. It has been four years since the release of the original version and many fans have long hoped for a sequel. PopCap is ending the long wait on July 18 as the company will launch the Plants vs. Zombies new sequel on iOS. And it is free to download.

There are a lot of things to look forward to. Judging from the trailer, the charm of this take on tower of defense action has leveled up as new and exciting elements are put into the mix. At the same time, old charmers including Crazy Dave as well as plants and zombies we are all familiar with from the original, make a comeback.

Everybody's talking about the title, “It’s About Time.” More than the long anticipation time for the release of the sequel, the title provides a hint to one of the main features of the new game Plants vs. Zombies. That is the time travel element.

We have a glimpse on how to play Plants vs. Zombies from the trailer. It shows Crazy Dave hopping on a truck designed with a capability to travel through time. But that is not all. There are three worlds to explore including the following: The Wild West, The Pirate Seas, and The Ancient Egypt

With these new worlds come various level designs and zombie ideas. As a player, it provides a structural way of playing.

Each of the featured worlds offers a map. Basically, there are 10 critical paths to each world and they can be played in three different ways. However, as each of the paths is replayed, a player's use of the sun may become limited. There is a cap on the amount you can spend. At the same time, the quantity of plants players are allowed to place on screen at once may also have a maximum.

Aside from being able to play each path in three different ways, each of them also serves as a key to mini games and other additional challenges. Originally, these play bonuses were placed on the menu screen from the original version. What this means for players is that they do not have to be stuck on one level. They can get busy with other activities as PopCap has prepared a bunch of things to do in this sequel.

This is good news, especially to those whose devices run on the iOS. PopCap makes the official announcement that downloading the game Plants vs. Zombies 2 will be free of charge, at least for iPhone, iPad and iTouch users. There is no news about PC yet but PopCap ensures fans great plans are underway.

While some have great reasons to rejoice about the free to play feature, there are some who have doubts. One thing PVZ makers assure consumers though is that this is unlike other game offers out there; that is, players will not be bothered by energy systems or limits on lives. In fact, players can choose to play the game whenever they want and they do not have to bother their friends or beg for lives to continue playing. Those who wish to have upgrades though, can buy premium items from the real money in-app.

There are great expectations for PopCap's game Plants vs. Zombies 2. And everyone will know by July 18 if the promises and expectations are met. One thing is undeniable though, a lot of people can hardly wait to beat some Zombies with the feisty old and new lineup of plants." href="">Visit this link for more information:>