PCR Is Most Preferred Method Worldwide for Testing of Pathogens & GMOs in Food

PCR is the most accurate method for the detection of pathogens and GMOs in food, says RNCOS.


Noida, UP -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/01/2014 -- The problem of food being inflicted upon by several contaminants is becoming relevant worldwide, rising concerns for food safety testing. Pathogens, pesticides, toxins etc are some of the majorly found contaminants in the food worldwide. According to a new report by RNCOS “Global Food Safety Testing Market Outlook 2018”, pathogens occupy a considerable share in global food safety testing market by contaminants after pesticides. Further, GMO testing is also gaining momentum with genetically modified organisms becoming an active part of human diet.

According to our report, in order to curb food violations by pathogens and GMOs, several countries are incorporating regular testing of pathogens and GMOs in foods through several methods. Among all the methods, PCR occupies the maximum share in testing of both pathogens and GMOs in food worldwide. PCR method helps in amplifying sequence specific DNA targets allowing both real time visualization and confirmation of presence or absence of target organism. For GMO testing in food, this method copies a specific section of a plant’s DNA billions of times in order to detect and quantify foreign DNA (GMO) inserted into the plant’s genome. It also uses short pieces of DNA i.e. primers that are complementary to the GMO sequence to vastly amplify and quantify GMOs.

The report “Global Food Safety Testing Market Outlook 2018” thoroughly analyzes the food safety testing market in the world. It entails detailed forecasts of the global food safety testing market till 2018. Further, it segments the global food safety testing market into market by contaminants and other key markets. The food safety testing market of contaminants (pathogen, pesticides, toxins and GMO) for 2018 has been forecasted. Further, the future share for testing of contaminants by various methods has also been provided. Moreover, the key markets segment provides market forecasts till 2018 for countries like Europe, US and China, with a brief overview about the developments in remaining markets. The report also sheds light on the drivers and food safety regulations in key countries. It also incorporates a detailed competitive landscape covering the business overview, key financials and recent developments of major players in the industry.

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