PCR Is Now Accepting Online Staffing Requests


Charlotte, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/16/2013 -- Professional Computer Resources, PCR, has two decades of experience as a staffing agency in Charlotte, NC. Over the years, PCR has expanded throughout the country and they are now proud to serve almost every major market in the United States. PCR specializes in recruiting the most highly qualified IT sales professionals and consultants. Both prospective employees and employers can benefit tremendously by visiting PCR’s website. PCR offers a ton of different interviewing tips and résumé building suggestions for employment candidates. PCR also offers employers a variety of staffing services. Now, PCR is accepting online staffing requests to better fulfill client needs.

In today’s ever changing market place, the need to adapt and appropriately staff to business needs is extremely important. An unanticipated business opportunity may leave an employer with limited time to find an adequate staff. Fortunately, PCR is able to accommodate the varying needs of all their clients. In fact, PCR has helped clients ranging from small businesses to multi-billion dollar organizations. PCR is able to provide unique staffing options and now clients can submit online requests to specify exactly what they need.

As a leading employment agency in Charlotte, NC, one of the more common requests that PCR receives is the need for a short-term contract sales or IT professional. A contract staff member is the perfect solution to fill an important role without committing to a permanent position. Another useful staffing option is the hourly consultant. A consultant can be extremely useful and informative. PCR only hires industry leading and proven IT consultants. Plus, a consultant can be utilized for very streamlined projects or for a broad business need. Regardless of the staffing need, PCR can help a client to find the best solution.

About PCR
Founded in Charlotte NC in 1995, by a team of dynamic and motivated professionals, with extensive experience in various US industries, PCR is aggressively working towards establishing new clients; enhancing their in house consultant base and helping candidates find their dream job. For clients, they provide a superior level of customized services to meet their hiring needs. PCR is free to create much customized hiring processes and programs for their clients with results that will far exceed just "using an agency". For more information on the IT recruitment company, please visit www.pcr.net.