PCR Notices a Rise in Temporary Staffing Due to Economy


Charlotte, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/24/2012 -- Due to the recent struggles in the economy, temporary positions have been on the rise for quite some time. With organizations avoiding commitment for long-term employees these temporary positions are perfect for projects that need areas of expertise or specialized work. The employment agency of Charlotte NC is able to now offer temporary job opportunities for those who simply can’t find a full time position.

Mid to large sized organizations who don’t have the money or time to hire an in house human resources department will find that hiring staffing agencies in Charlotte NC such as PCR, will eliminate the need to pay a human resources manger full time along with benefits and other perks employees are given. For North Carolina residents who may have lost their jobs when the recession hit hard and lay offs occurred in their industry, this may be a great choice for those who can’t find a full time position but still need income to support their loved ones and family. When hiring temporary employees organizations do not have to stress out if they are not the right fit for the company.

Staffing agencies in Charlotte NC gain momentum as organizations still hesitate to hire full time employees. With companies being extremely cautious they are turning more towards staffing agencies for positions. With everyone unsure about the economy, temporary staffing is a great solution for businesses and candidates. PCR makes it a cost-effective solution to provide viable candidates for the positions that organizations need filled immediately.

Some organizations may even hire strictly through staffing agencies because they find them to be a reliable source for finding the right candidate for a job. If one can impress a recruiting company with their resume and experience, PCR will be more than happy to promote one’s efforts onto company’s who are looking to hire. This may be something to consider for those struggling to find work in this economy and PCR is there to help.

About PCR
PCR is a consulting service that was founded in Charlotte, NC in 1995, by a team of dynamic and motivated professionals. The main focus of the employment agency is to establish new clients; enhancing the in-house consultant base and helping candidates find their dream job. Their network and partnerships allow them to deliver time saving solutions that bring quality, add value, and immediately achieve positive results.

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