PCR Now Accepting Online Resumes from Prospective Candidates


Charlotte, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2013 -- The rapid advancement of technology continues to change the way business owners, companies, and other organizations conduct operations. Organizations that were ahead of the technology curve last year may find themselves struggling to keep up with this year’s trends. The fact is that technology is advancing at an exponential rate and no single organization can stay ahead of the curve. However, technological leadership is one of the most desired capabilities of an organization. In order to remain an industry leader in technology, qualified IT salespersons are needed. The demand for experienced and informed IT sales professionals continues to increase as technology increases. PCR, recruiters in Charlotte, NC, are now accepting résumés from prospective candidates through their online service.

PCR genuinely wants to match the most qualified sales and IT personnel with the best suited organization. PCR has many job openings in IT sales. The professionals at PCR meticulously analyze prospective employee’s résumés prior to consideration for any employment opportunity. Unfortunately, not all résumés are created equally. Even some of the most highly qualified prospective employees may lose out to another candidate, due to a poorly composed résumé. PCR wants to see employment candidates succeed in finding the right job and résumés are a big part of that process.

PCR offers career counseling and consultative advice to their prospective employees. Many times, a qualified candidate may not differentiate themselves through an eye-catching résumé. Throughout the years, one of the most common mistakes PCR has noticed is a lengthy résumé. A résumé is a document that gets a candidate in the door and provides an opportunity for an interview. No employer or recruiter wants to read a novel about a prospective employee. The key is to use short sentences that provide a concise description of skills and prior employment. Prospective candidates can feel confident in PCR’s ability to find them an ideal employment opportunity and now they can submit their résumé online.

About PCR
Founded in Charlotte NC in 1995, by a team of dynamic and motivated professionals, with extensive experience in various US industries, PCR is aggressively working towards establishing new clients; enhancing their in house consultant base and helping candidates find their dream job. For clients, they provide a superior level of customized services to meet their hiring needs. PCR is free to create much customized hiring processes and programs for their clients with results that will far exceed just "using an agency". For more information on the IT recruitment company, please visit www.pcr.net.