PCR Now Looking for Part Time Information Technology Candidates in the Charlotte Area


Charlotte, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/14/2014 -- With today’s economy, the role of recruitment and employment agencies becomes all the more important. Employers utilize the services of these agencies to find reliable and trusted employees when they are searching for temporary and part time positions. As an employment agency in Charlotte, NC that is trusted to provide their clients with valuable candidates that excel in their positions, PCR is pleased to announce they are now looking for information technology professionals for part time work in the Charlotte area.

PCR has an extensive client base, ranging from small to large sized industries and organizations that are frequently looking for new candidates. Potential candidates will have to meet with a recruiter from PCR for an initial interview so they can get a grasp of the skills and experience accumulated over the years. By forming extensive networks and relationships with industry related professionals, this process has allowed them to become the most reliable and successful employment agency in the area. A representative from PCR will provide a number of services for their job seekers in order to help them land jobs in which they can make the most of their skills.

During the process, those looking for IT jobs in Charlotte, NC will be able to bounce their ideas and goals off the recruiter, and the professional will listen closely to set them up with the right job opportunity. Jobs can come through any given day, and candidates can be set up as a consultant, sales marketer, manager, web developer, analyst, and more. Through PCR, IT candidates will receive competitive hourly rates, training, and paid overtime (with client approval) to advance in their career.

Whether looking to change career courses, or just starting out in the information technology field, PCR will help candidates land on their feet en route to a long and successful career. To hear more about their recruiting services, please visit their website today.

About PCR
Founded in Charlotte NC in 1995 by a team of dynamic and motivated professionals with extensive experience in various US industries, PCR is aggressively working towards establishing new clients; enhancing their in-house consultant base and helping candidates find their dream job. For clients, they provide a superior level of customized service to meet their hiring needs. PCR is free to create much customized hiring processes and programs for their clients with results that will far exceed just "using an agency". For more information on the IT recruitment company, please visit http://www.pcr.net.