PCR Reveals New Tips on How to Spot for Red Flag Candidates when Looking to Hire


Charlotte, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/25/2013 -- PCR reveals new tips on how to spot for red flag candidates when looking to hire. The recruiters in Charlotte NC know what it takes when searching for the right candidate to fill a position, whether it may be a permanent, temp to hire, or contract. They are not just looking to fill the positions with just any individual; they do thorough research for the highest qualified person and weed out any “red flag” candidates with simple elite signs. They start by using a standard, yet effective screening when looking for a potential employee for PCR’s client.

To start, the PCR headhunters of Charlotte NC will look for a phone number, email address, and home address. Although this seems like basic information for one to have on their resume, it can be a major red flag if not indicated. Without this information, the PCR recruiters will not be able to contact a candidate once communication has been established and shown interest in the position. As one of the most well-known recruiting agencies in NC, they know what protocol and procedures to follow in order to find the right individual for their dream job. They also look for extended time lapses in between jobs. Some people may be curious as to why there are gaps in the timeline on the resume. PCR has found that when potential candidates are upfront about their history, this gives them a higher chance and ability to build a connection when searching for a job.

PCR is fully staffed with recruiting professionals who are dedicated to helping individuals find the job of their dreams. They also see it as a red flag when any potential candidate provides negative reasoning as to why they have left their previous employer or are being extremely vague about the topic. It doesn’t come across as a positive attribute. Also, PCR recruiters know when someone has done their homework, meaning they have researched the hiring company and has questions themselves to ask about what the position entails. This will impress all levels whether it is the hiring manager or recruiter. The recruiters of Charlotte NC use some of these red flag indicators as to how well the candidate will be for the position so be sure to research and be prepared when going through the screening process.

About PCR
PCR is a consulting service that was founded in Charlotte, NC in 1995, by a team of dynamic and motivated professionals. The main focus of the employment agency is to establish new clients; enhancing the in-house consultant base and helping candidates find their dream job. Their network and partnerships allow them to deliver time saving solutions that bring quality, add value, and immediately achieve positive results.

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