Parental Control Products New Release Helps Keep Children (And Others) Safe While Online


Romeo, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/27/2012 -- PC Tattletale announces the release of its new version of computer and Internet Monitoring Software for Kids. This program allows parents to see everything their children are doing while on the computer. Monitoring may be done through an iPhone, iPad, Android phone or another computer. PC Tattletale is committed to helping parents keep children safe as evidenced by their line of parental control products. This software may also be used with students, employees and any person needing monitoring while on the computer.

"Parents are very concerned about keeping their children safe when it comes to technology. Our products are designed to make this job easier in every way. When you choose to make use of PC Tattletale, you see everything they are doing online," Bryan Fleming, media contact for PC Tattletale, states. The program records chats and instant messages. Parents may see e-mails to and from the children along with a history of web sites visited. Facebook and social network activity is monitored along with what searches are being conducted. Know what pictures children are looking at as well as what pictures each child is posting. "What makes this program really stand out," Mr. Fleming continues, "is the fact that you can not only see what your child is doing while online, you can see the order in which he or she is doing it."

"Often parents don't realize that most Internet monitoring programs don't work when the computer has been set to 'private browsing' mode. PC Tattletale works at all times so your child cannot bypass your monitoring. You know what they are doing no matter where you are. All you need is a computer, iPad or smart phone and you have access to your child's activity," Mr. Fleming explains. Programs of this type may store data using cloud computing. PC Tattletale stores information collected on the personal home network. As a result, recorded activity is not at risk of being stolen or compromised.

"If you are concerned that your child is more computer literate than you are, put this fear to rest with the help of PC Tattletale," Mr. Fleming explains. "Installation takes very little time and you don't need technical know how to operate the program. We make it easy to keep your children safe. You have enough to worry about when it comes to raising your kids. Our program is designed to make your job a little easier. If you aren't sure if this is the right computer monitoring software for parents for your needs, try it free for seven days. Our trial offer is fully functional so you can test it and make sure it does what you want and need it to."

About Parental Control Products, LLC
Parental Control Products, LLC began offering Internet monitoring software and parental control software in 2004. The goal of this company is to provide parents with the solutions needed to keep children safe on the Internet while keeping prices low. A variety of products are offered and all come with free technical support and updates.