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PDF Compressor for Windows Platform Is the Latest Offering


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/17/2015 -- PDF files are known for their huge size and they usually take up a lot of disk space on any device. In order to avoid the same, the free PDF compressor can help users by substantially compressing the file size. It is a helpful tool for all those who deal with such files on a regular basis and do not wish to compromise on the quality of the compressed files in any way.

With two different compression algorithms available in the software, it is an ideal choice for users who are specific in their requirements. Since PDF files contain images as well, these parameters can also be controlled by the user with the help of advanced settings. The ease of installing and using this app has garnered a lot of interest amongst users.

The website says, "This is a comprehensive app that compresses and decompresses PFD files in a short span of time. The fact that several files can be compressed at one go is yet another interesting feature. The software comes with a user friendly interface and requires a few clicks for the job to be commenced. We assure users that there are no hidden charges and the download is absolutely free."

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The website claims that any device that runs on Windows OS can be used for downloading this convenient app. It does not need any additional tools and can be used effectively by novice users as well. The site is said to be secure and the download is said to be safe without any adware.

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