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PDS Sports Increases Pro Football Winning Percentage


Tilton, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/16/2013 -- Software handicapping tool developer PDS Sports offers higher winning percentage through its PDS software that can provide football predictions based on handicapping algorithms, as opposed to the traditional game reading based on raw historical team statistics alone. On this revolutionary system, floating benchmarks are computed and adjusted to get a certain sports team’s Strength of Schedule. This is something that no other handicapping software and sports analysts can provide.

For more than 30 years, PDS Sports has already been setting high standard on many sports levels across various fields. This Illinois-based software company has analyzed thousands of professional sports matches in the past, making its software more accurate than what any record can provide. It provides what the inner circle of football bettors calls the ultimate football tips as a result of accurate results prediction as observed in the past pro football seasons starting in 1997.

PDS Sports utilizes an optimized handicapping software tool combined with a reliable sports betting system. The innovative system of results anticipation is expected to exceed even the standard winning percentage of 52.8% that relies on raw historical team statistics.

By using PDS Sports’ handicapping software, picking a sports team to bet on is now easier. Through its handicapping software, automatic calculation of winning percentage is made. This ultimate football tipster gives bettors better chances of winning as well, which can be translated to money and money alone.

Based on the new handicapping algorithms developed by PDS Sports, multiple ratings are added to the statistics for a better results anticipation. These ratings include power ratings, offensive and defensive ratings, line efficiency ratings, performance ratings, consistency ratings and value ratings.

Aside from professional football, PDS Sports also offers software that calculate results anticipation for college football, professional baseball, professional basketball, college basketball and professional hockey, all at affordable prices. Harness horse software and a wager accounting software are also available.