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PDS Sports Makes NFL Season More Exciting with Football Predictions


Tilton, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/16/2013 -- Now that the NFL Season 2013 is beginning, fans and participating teams can view football predictions and take on matchups with discerning information on how their favorite teams can win. With the PDS Sports football tipster, football lovers can easily predict outcomes based on statistics and reports, and see whose teams are playing with an advantage over their matchups.

PDS Sports, a sports handicapping software developer, continues to provide support for professional and amateur sports. Sports handicapping is the method of compensating or giving advantages on participants to make the chances of winning equal.

PDS Sports, which was established in 1982, was established by the renowned Sports Judge, Roger Mott. The company has analyzed several Pro and College Basketball, Football, Baseball, and Hockey tournaments since its inception. The company relies on Raw Historical Statistics to predict outcomes and aid in efficient matchups. When Roger Mott passed away in 2007, the company carried on the Sports Judge’s legacy by continuing to develop their handicapping software.

For coaches and players, the company’s handicapping tools allow them to heed football predictions, which is essentially provides them useful football tips that will help them consider the strengths and weaknesses of opposing teams based on their historical statistics. Organizers can also take advantage of the available software to evaluate and efficiently match teams to make the game fair and exciting for viewers.

Those who are in the field of sports coverage and commenting can also use the PDS Sports software to view statistics and gather additional research in publishing football expected outcomes in terms of score and game play. The football tipster tools are available in the PDS Sports website, and can be ordered through the site as well.

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