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Peach and Pun: Whimsical New Children's Fable Sees Outwitting Ferrets Learn & Grow in Harmony

Based on the true conflict and reconciliation of the author’s sister’s two pet ferrets, ‘Peach and Pun: The New Family Ferret’ imparts entertaining yet wholly serious life lessons on the subjects of compassion, rivalry, life’s many transitions and the importance of responsible pet ownership.


Vancouver, British Columbia -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/31/2013 -- To witness a microcosm of life’s fun, growth and relationships; take a quick look at the life of ferrets. Canada’s Asheida has experienced their precocious and fun-loving ways through the many ferrets her family have owned. Inspired by Peach and Pun, two actual ferrets that were owned by her sister, Asheida is teaching young readers a number of important life lessons through the lives of ‘fuzzies’.

The first book in her new series, ‘Peach and Pun: The New Family Ferret’, is helping many young readers both understand and employ positive relationships that grow through peace.


Pun: a gentle yet excitable ferret who finds herself accepted into a new home, the already claimed territory of Peach!

Peach: an adorably stubborn and, at times, fierce creature who feels the need to protect her home from this unseemly family member, Pun!

Join us in this lovely animated and courageous tale of a ferret who outwits and perseveres during times of change. Can Peach and Pun both find some fun in growing together?

As the author explains, her book uniquely addresses a myriad of vital topics.

“Children will learn about adapting to new environment and transitions, sibling rivalry, belongingness, bullying, compassion, patience, pet owners, new family member, choices (whether to run away or "show up" in a creative way that meets both involved). This fable is about finding common ground, focusing on the similarities in each other to build relationships and peace,” says Asheida, Founder of Asheida Music Co.

Continuing, “I also wanted to shine a positive light on an animal that is sometimes misunderstood or misrepresented. I've made note in my book about responsibly purchasing ferrets through shelters so that lonely ferrets have a second chance at a home.”

With book sales expected to sky-rocket and a follow-up in the works, Asheida has some wise parting words.

“My over-riding aim is for the book to serve as a strong testament that you can follow your dreams however silly or fantastic and inspire those you love to reach for the stars. I want to do that for kids and for my family,” she concludes.

‘Peach and Pun: The New Family Ferret’ is available now: http://amzn.to/12CWe1y

About Asheida
Born in beautiful British Columbia and the eldest of four siblings, Asheida showed great interest in music and writing at an early age. She graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Arts, Music and in 2010, founded Asheida Music Company; offering voice and piano instruction, original music and voice over work.

Currently she is working with U.S. company, Journeys Inward Hypnotherapy as the voice artist and producer. She also offers her own tailored guided meditations and is a practitioner of The Way of the Heart™, providing a supportive platform for positive change in one’s life.

She is very excited about the response to her first children's book titled; Peach and Pun: The New Family Ferret, which launched this past Spring 2013 through AuthorHouse.