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Peacock Parfumerie Now Offers Incomparable Perfume Pendants for Fragrance Lovers


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2014 -- Peacock Parfumerie now offers incomparable perfume pendants for fragrance lovers. Perfumed jewelry pairs two of a woman's favorites - perfume and jewelry, together in one spectacular filigree pendant. Now, one can carry their favorite scent in a vintage-inspired perfume pendant necklace. The top of the necklace detaches and a small amount of perfume or essential oil can be poured into the opening.

One can find these magnificent pendants in four different colors only at Peacock Parfumerie. Furthermore, the gold-plated copper chain measures 20” long with a 3” extender and the crystal pendant is approximately 1.5" long. The company provides a gold organza gift bag, funnel for filling, and instructions in each necklace. They have even provided essential information on their website related to the filling and cleaning of perfume pendants.

The luxury candles showcased at Peacock Parfumerie are dreamy watercolor landscapes of deeply saturated color wax. Find a wide variety of candles such as Morning Candle, Uplift Candle, Allure Candle, Daydream Candle, and many others. All of these candles are truly, magnificently exclusive, and are hand-produced with a paraffin and soy wax blend with generous fragrance, while also having a 75 hour burn time.

A spokesperson from Peacock Parfumerie discussed the natural fragrance oils, “Our fragrances are a concentrated blend of essential oils and precious perfume accords in a base of natural coconut oil. While perfume oils don’t have the initial impact of an alcohol-based spray perfume, the scent will last longer on the skin. Apply your Peacock Parfumerie fragrance to your wrists, behind the ears, the nape of the neck, even your elbows and knees. Your pulse points will warm the perfume and release the fragrance continually.”

About Peacock Parfumerie
Peacock Parfumerie is an artisan perfume jewelry house inspired by art nouveau glamour and bohemian romance. Their concentrated fragrances contain essential oils and precious perfume accords. Fragrance has the power to evoke a memory and to create or change a mood, so envelop yourself in one of these perfumes and feel inspired by the emotion it creates. They invite customers to carry their perfume close to their heart in one of their stylish crystal pendants. In addition, they also recommend customers order from their website as it is the most accurate, speedy and secure method for placing an order with them.

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