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Peacock Parfumerie Now Presents Innovative Perfume Jewelry Pendants


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/31/2014 -- Aiming to boost the burgeoning perfume jewelry industry, Peacock Parfumerie is now presenting a suave range of perfume pendants that will simply enthrall its customers. The company, with its unique concepts, creates perfume pendants that are both elegant and disperse a sweet and pleasing scent into the surroundings that livens both the mood of the user and others present. The company stores a vast range of perfume pendants with different lively colors and each of their pendants has its own uniqueness and charming effect. Now, one can carry their favorite scents in their pendant and have the privilege of smelling it wherever they go.

Talking more about their pendants, one of their representatives stated, “The top of the necklace unscrews and a small amount of perfume or essential oil can be poured into the opening. The gold-plated copper chain measures 20"long with a 3" extender. The crystal pendant is approximately 1.5"long. Each necklace includes a gold organza gift bag, funnel for filling, and instructions. Please visit our Product Information page to see how to fill and clean your perfume pendant.”

The pendant necklace can be unscrewed at the top and perfumes or scented essential oils can be poured into the pendant’s tiny opening. In order to make the pendant more appealing, it is completed with a gold plated copper chain which is 20 cm long. Along with the pendant, the customer can also get an attractive gold organza gift bag, funnel for filling, and an instruction manual. The company also offers a mesmerizing range of luxury candles that are handmade with a paraffin and soy wax combination and a considerable percentage of superlative quality fragrance. In addition to this, the company also provides natural fragrance oils, matches, and botanical wax curiosities.

About Perfume jewelry store Peacock Parfumerie
Peacock Parfumerie is an artisan perfume jewelry house inspired by the art nouveau glamour and bohemian romance. Their concentrated fragrances contain essential oils and precious perfume accords. Fragrance has the power to evoke a memory, to create or change a mood, so envelop in one of the perfumes and feel inspired by the intention it creates. They invite customers to carry their perfume close to their heart in one of their stylish crystal pendants. In addition, they also recommend that customers order from their website as it is the most accurate, speedy and secure method for placing an order with them.

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