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Peak Body Launches Peak PLUS


Lewisville, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/20/2013 -- Peak Body Transformation has announced the launch of its newest service, Peak PLUS. Going beyond the training services that many fitness centers offer, Peak PLUS offers customers lasting health management services that can transform their overall health and wellness.

Peak Body Transformation is taking traditional Plano fitness services up a notch with its newly-launched Peak PLUS program. Peak PLUS offers true lifestyle health management through a variety of services, including:

- Meal plans tailored to individual lifestyles
- Nutrition counseling from a personal health coach
- Small group support from other Peak PLUS members
- Access to a private Facebook page to share goals, challenges, stories and triumphs
- Travel workout advising for busy clients on the go
- Guides to dining out so that everyone can enjoy restaurant meals
- Equipment rentals
- A "free friend Saturday" guest opportunity so that Peak PLUS participants can introduce family and friends to this great program

Peak PLUS has proven results in weight loss, body fat loss and fitness. Peak PLUS does not stop when clients reach their personal goals, however. The theory driving Peak PLUS is a lifetime of healthy weight management, so those who complete Peak PLUS are transformed into Peak PLUS alumni with several benefits available only to graduates of this program. Peak PLUS alumni enjoy:

- PBA Offsite Challenges. Peak Body Team challenges include road races, mud runs, and triathlons that are fun for everyone. PBA challenges help keep former clients accountable for lifetime results.
- PBA Fun Challenges. Participants are challenged with smaller goals, such as increasing situps or push-ups, and enjoy friendly competition with other alums.
- PBA Only Classes. Saturdays are alumni days for Peak PLUS graduates. Any alumni who attend two classes during the week are eligible for Saturday classes.
- PBA Attendee Rewards. Peak PLUS Peak PLUS members who sign in gain credit for attendance and easy access to records to keep track of fitness goals.
- PBA Accountability. Assessments and fitness testing is available to members on a continuous basis.
- PBA Nutrition. Graduates are invited to professional nutrition workshops designed to help members understand new food trends.
- PBA Referral Rewards. Members who refer friends receive a $25 PBT gift card.

In order to qualify as a Peak PLUS alumni, members must have graduated from a challenge class and maintained an active membership. Members can rejoin at any time within 12 months of finishing a challenge class.

About Peak Body Transformation
Peak Body Transformation is designed to provide the best fitness program value for the Lewisville and Plano areas. Peak Body Transformation offers great fitness options including individual counseling and group classes.

For More Information: or Plano (469) 999-7489 or Lewisville (817) 807-3293