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Peak Body Transformation Focuses on Nutrition Counseling in Plano Fitness


Plano, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/16/2013 -- Peak Body Transformation has greeted a new class of "transformers" by focusing on the nutritional building blocks that will help them to achieve success. While this Plano fitness group focuses on how exercise can transform the shape of the body and build a foundation for good health, the experts at Peak Body Transformation also realize that without good nutrition, the body will not perform at peak capacity. Therefore, nutrition counseling is also a key component in the Peak Body Transformation regimen.

Eating well is an important part of managing overall health. In addition to exciting exercise classes in Plano , Peak Body Transformation also includes individual nutrition counseling as part of its overall body enhancement regimen. Peak Body Transformation professionals counsel members on several aspects of nutrition, including:

- Creating meal plans. Members learn what to include in meals to balance them and fuel the body’s activities throughout the day.

- Planning ahead. Most people fail to eat correctly because they fail to plan. With the help of Peak Body Transformation nutrition counselors, members will learn to plan ahead for daily eating as well as special occasions such as eating out.

- Eating frequently. Most reliable studies still indicate that a daily intake of food should occur in smaller, easier-to-digest meals for optimum health and overall wellness. Peak Body Transformation professionals teach members how to divide meals into smaller portions for all-day fueling and energy.

- Supplements. The use of nutritional supplements is controversial because there are so many different forms of these additions available. Peak Body Transformation professionals discuss the use of supplements and which ones truly benefit the body.

- Caloric intake. Ultimately, "calories in/calories out" cannot be ignored for those who want to lose weight. Peak Body helps members understand how calories relate to energy for activities and how to safely reduce calories for weight loss.

- The importance of fiber. Fiber is the underused miracle substance in American diets, and Peak Body Transformation offers tips on how to incorporate it successfully in food plans.

- Tips on dining out. Dining out can pose pitfalls to any eating plan, but Peak Body professionals share tips on how to eat out without compromising eating standards.

- "Splurge" or "cheat" days. Everyone needs a day to cheat and eat the foods they're craving. Peak Body professionals show members how to treat themselves without undoing all of their hard work.

- Preparation of healthy foods at home. Without the ability to work with healthy foods on a regular basis in their own kitchens, members will not see the ultimate success they want in their personal transformation. Peak Body professionals offer tips on how to prepare healthy food at home.

Peak Body Transformation's exercise classes in Lewisville have been shown to produce real results. With the help of these fitness trainers in Lewisville and exciting classes such as Frisco kickboxing, Peak Body Transformation members see actual, measurable results in weeks.

About Peak Body Transformation
Peak Body Transformation is a new type of exercise program designed to give members and complete lifestyle transformation. Instead of relying on boring exercise routines and restrictive diets, Peak Body Transformation teaches participants how to enjoy life in a healthy way that will keep them in top physical condition for the rest of their lives. Peak Body Transformation welcomes members of all physical fitness levels and ages and encourages everyone to reach his or her fullest potential.

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