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Peak Performance Reveals 5 News Reasons as to Why Incentive Travel Programs Outperforms Cash Incentives


Jamison, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2013 -- As a premier business travel agency, Peak Performance has just revealed five new and big reasons why travel incentives outperform cash or other merchandise that can be found on their website. Through numerous studies, the company has found that with the right goal or prize, employees will work harder to increase sales. Any business owner knows that without the right team members, the performance and growth of the company will be affected, so what better way is there to reward an employee other than offering them the chance to have an incentive travel trip. A trip will not only create a positive vibe in the office, but it will allow for healthy competition as well as increase employee loyalty and productivity.

The professionals at Peak Performance have found that employees are able to have a memorable experience on a vacation that was also earned through their hard work and efforts. Not only that, but vacations are remembered much longer than products or cash prizes. In many cases, especially at a performance based industry, employees feel that their hard work should be commemorated with cash bonuses, therefore this type of incentive isn’t perceived as something they won. Another reason why incentive travel trips outperform cash is that vacations provide the ultimate experience that money can’t by. For instance, Peak Performance reveals that many employees who are given a cash bonus would use it on something practical or put it towards their life savings, and not a vacation.

Whether staff members like to admit it or not, winning a prize is a great way to have some bragging rights. For a company that has employees who are not afraid of a healthy competition, they are probably right for the job. The professionals from Peak Performance know that travel programs are a great way to build strong relationships within the organization and can help boost team efforts and morale. For more information on their travel incentive programs, and to hear more about the many benefits as to why travel incentive programs outperform cash and merchandise please contact Peak Performance today.

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