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Peak Power Sports Presents New Plantar Fasciitis Sock for Soothing Plantar Fasciitis Symptoms


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/22/2016 -- Plantar fasciitis is a stubborn injury. It requires consistent maintenance in order to allow the tissue to heal and soothe the persistent heel and arch pain. Fortunately for sufferers, nowadays plantar fasciitis is much better understood and there are several new tools and methods that provide superior support for the plantar fascia and arch and speed up recovery.

A common injury among runners, tennis players and all kinds of athletes alike, plantar fasciitis represents a significant problem when not managed properly. In a nutshell, plantar fasciitis is irritation of the flat band of tissue known as the plantar fascia which supports the arch of your foot. It is a chronic ailment characterized by pain that often concentrates in the heel, which requires consistent active treatment to allow the tissue to heal.

Alleviating tightness by doing quick, regular stretches several times a day is most important. Pulling your toes back, rolling your foot over a massage ball especially in the heel area and self massage all help, although the most effective way during the night is to use a Strassburg Sock or night splint to keep your plantar fascia flexed, allowing the tissue to heal in a stretched position to maintain the positive effects of other treatments by day.

Whereas more rigid support of the foot and arch often creates more irritation than relief during activity, an efficient and powerful tool for maintaining the required muscle slackness and flexibility in the daytime to aid recovery is the use of plantar fasciitis socks with graduated compression, which also increase blood flow to help promote rapid healing.

The best plantar fasciitis socks have graduated compression that provides adequate support to the plantar fascia and arch while being lightweight enough and breathable to allow them to be worn during the day even under regular socks for ongoing relief. A revolutionary new design which is receiving excellent reviews is the Peak Power Sports Compression Sleeves for plantar fasciitis arch support and relief from heel and arch pain.

By providing seven graduated compression zones with three levels of medical-grade compression in a lightweight and breathable design, these plantar fasciitis socks soothe the symptoms of plantar fasciitis including heel and arch pain and encourage recovery day and night.

Find out more information about the Peak Power Sports Plantar fasciitis socks for arch support, heel and arch pain by visiting their Amazon page directly.

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