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Peak Property Advisors Utilizes Aggressive Marketing Strategy to Sell Property


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/24/2014 -- Peak Property Advisors, a Houston, Texas based real estate investment firm, has begun an aggressive, unique marketing campaign to assist real estate property owners sell property. By partnering with a Nationally recognized auction company, Peak Property Advisors can assist a motivated commercial or residential property owner in quickly selling their property at a higher price that discounting for an investor, and much more quickly.

Don McClain, Principal with Peak Property Advisors, states “There are traditionally two basic methods to sell property in the USA, retailing the property through the MLS with a Realtor, or selling at a great discount to an investor. We fill in the middle ground by assisting owners get more for their property without going through these methods.”

Real estate auctions are utilized in other countries around the world at the way to market and sell property. The United States is now beginning to utilize auctions as a viable and proven method market and sell property quickly. McClain states, “We can move a property at a much higher sales price than a normal investor discounted deal and normally come in somewhere between the retail price and the wholesale price. The great thing about this model is that the sales all occur on one day, alleviating the normal sales cycle which can take weeks or months.”

Peak Property Advisors plans on utilizing the auction platform to assist motivated property owners in twenty markets around the country, beginning in Houston. Markets that will be open in the near future for this platform are Atlanta, Charlotte, Austin, Dallas, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, amonth others. “We plan on adding at least one market per month going forward”, states Don McClain. “We are very excited to utilize this unique, niche marketing strategy to assist motivated property owners”, he goes on to say.

For more information about Peak Property Advisors or to discuss how to submit a property for the auction platform, contact Don McClain at 281-407-0170 or by email at

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