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Pedal Car Depot Prioritizes Kids’ Health With New Children’s Pedal Cars


Abingdon, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/02/2012 -- In the modern world, entertainment options have spread and diversified to the point where children now have more potential playtime experiences sitting in their living room than they do by engaging in the outside world.

This cultural shift toward entertainment “portals” likes TVs, Video Games, Films and Tablets has created a generational move away from play experiences that engage the physical body as well as the imagination, which has contributed to worrying trends in childhood obesity.

Pedal Car Depot has made it their mission to reintroduce the popular classic pedal car to the mainstream American child once again, encouraging an active healthy lifestyle as part of kids’ play.

Pedal Car Depot provides high quality, affordable pedal cars for kids designed to engage their imagination and the popular dream of being a race car driver. The pedal car is even taking a new step forward with the introduction by Pedal Car Depot of the “pedal plane” and “pedal train” - which allows a whole new set of playful adventures aimed at keeping kids fit and healthy.

On the website, examples of all categories can be found, suitable for both boys and girls in a range of styles and sizes. From a pink “Thunderbirds” inspired Rolls Royce-esque number to a racing bi-plane inspired by the aerial racers of the 1950’s, and red and yellow trains complete with cow-plows.

A Pedal Car Depot spokesperson said of the plane initiative, “One thing you will probably remember as a child is how limitless your imagination was. Pedal Planes allow children to imagine themselves travelling the skies, dog-fighting with their friends, and living out an adventure in the clouds. All while getting some exercise to help stay healthy and fight obesity.”

It is important to note that although the pedal planes are modelled on real and extraordinary flying machines, they do not actually fly. The child’s imagination will take them to the skies.

The pedal car system allows children to exercise while protecting them from bumps, bruises and broken bones. The pedal system cushions from any impact and so protects the joints, while the chassis and low centre of gravity keep children safe from falling or tipping. In this way, parents can be assured that their children are playing safely, without the kinds of risks encountered in contact sports.

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