Pediatric Radiology Market Projected to Witness a Double-Digit CAGR During 2026

The use of pediatric radiology devices has played an instrumental role in early treatment of young infants during their fragile health conditions.


Valley Cottage, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/08/2018 -- Pediatric Radiology Market: Global Overview

The incidence of birth traumas continues to grow uncontrollably, lowering the life expectancy of infants across the globe. An increase in the average spending of parents on pediatric care is indicative that there is a growing need to avoid new-born infants from being infected with diseases and physical deformities during or at the time of birth. In addition, post-birth abnormalities in children is also emerging as a grave concern that has prompted an essential access to pediatric diagnostics and medical imaging.

Radiology techniques are being used to detect physical damages in new-born babies. The use of pediatric radiology devices has played an instrumental role in early treatment of young infants during their fragile health conditions.

Transparency Market Research has developed an exclusive forecast study gauging the future prospects of pediatric radiology. The report offers objective information on how the demand for pediatric radiology devices will evolve in the near future. The report has been developed by procuring data on sales of pediatric radiology devices from each market player. Latest trends in medical device manufacturing and technological advancements in the field of pediatrics and radiology have been assessed for market size forecasting. The report puts forth presumptive scenarios on how the global pediatric radiology market will expand during the period, 2017-2026.

Market Taxonomy & Report Highlights

From qualitative insights to quantitative analysis, this study comprehensively breaks down the evolution of pediatric radiology markets and weighs their growth potential under multiple parameters and plausible conditions. With respect to qualitative data, the report has analyzed the factors influencing the growth of global pediatric radiology market. Adoption drivers, manufacturing restraints, growth opportunities and industry trends are identified and studied to ascertain the dynamics of global pediatric radiology market.

The report has further provided analysis on global pediatric radiology device supply chain. Cost structure and pricing of these devices is also studied to identify demand-supply trends. Insights on raw material sourcing strategies have been provided. The report also delivers an intensity map that traces the presence of market players across different geographies.

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Leading pediatric radiology device manufacturers have been profiled in this report to understand a holistic competition backdrop of the global pediatric radiology market. Current market standings of these players have been revealed. With an unbiased approach, the study has also revealed the strategic developments of pediatric radiology device manufacturers. A detailed competition assessment is one of the biggest advantage of availing this report.

Research Advantage

The key advantage of availing Transparency Market Research's forecast report on global pediatric radiology market is understanding the competitors and tapping new markets. Furthermore, leading segments and least-lucrative sub-segments have been revealed in the inferences provided in the report. This information can help pediatric radiology device manufacturers in planning their next steps towards future market direction.

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