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Pedometers Useful for Increasing Fitness Motivation


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/02/2013 -- The availability of pedometers has made tracking fitness progress easier for beginners by giving them a set number of steps to take each day. Some of these numbers start out pretty small, 5,000 or a little more to encourage users to get moving and a group of Japanese researchers have recently proposed that the standard number of steps one should take each day should be raised to 10,000 as a minimum to encourage pedometer users to move even more.

Measuring the amount of steps a person takes each day has many positive benefits. Seeing that progress can be a motivator to go further, and may even push a person to try new activities. While the number of steps taken in a day is an important measurement, there are other factors in play which will increase overall success.

The most important is the shift in mentality that comes with an increased number of steps during the day. Seeing progress in any form pushes a person farther than they thought they could go, and is a good way to change habits without making major lifestyle changes.

The use of a pedometer can also work as an accountability partner for those who have trouble making time or space in their day to exercise. If a person has a competitive streak, this can be tackled by changing goals to increase the number of steps taken in the current week compared to those taken last week.

Another way pedometers work is by tracking fitness without requiring a person to take extra time out of their day to reach a certain goal. This is helpful for those who struggle with finding time to exercise by working a goal into their regular daily activities.

While a pedometer is not a replacement for more intense physical activity or strength training, it’s an excellent way to get started and motivated to begin a fitness routine. If looking for a way to increase motivation, consider purchasing a pedometer and begin taking steps towards better health today.

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