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Peel Oil Market Emerging Growth Factors by Top Companies Are Vigon International Inc. Heritage Brands Pty Ltd. Health & Beauty Natural Oils Co. Inc. Global Essence Inc


Valley Cottage, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/14/2019 -- Peel Oil Market Outlook

The growing demand for essential oil, oil blends and others in various industry such as food & beverages, cosmetics, fragrance and other industries are rising the demand for peel oil in the market. Peel oil from citrus fruits is used to add sweet refreshing flavors to beverages like lemonade, smoothies and is also used to enhance flavors of baked food products such as muffins, cookies and others. The consumers are adopting alternative medical treatments which use natural and organic ingredients like aromatherapy. The manufacturers of food and beverages, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals are widely using peel oil to enhance their product quality. The demand for peel oil is anticipated to have significant growth in the pharmaceutical industry due to the rising demand for herbal and organic ingredients for health care. The consumers are growing awareness of the negative impact of chemical and synthetic ingredients and therefore the demand for natural ingredient product is rising. Various benefits and increasing application of peel oil in various industries anticipate the significant growth of peel oil market.

Innovation and Expansion in the Cosmetic Industry is Increasing the Sales and Creating Positive Scenario for Peel Oil Market

Development of new products especially in cosmetics, personal care, skin care, sprayers, perfumes and others is driving the market for peel oil globally. The most prominent use of peel oil is for the skin as it has various nourishing benefits on look and feel of the skin. Peel oil is useful in treating acne as it helps in eliminating the sebum which often accumulates on the face. Peel oil can be used as a gentle cleaning agent as it effectively unclogs pores and therefore is raising its demand in the manufacturing of various face wash, mask and cleansers. Orange peel is more powerful in purifying skin when compared to fruit pulp. Peel oil is also increasing its demand in the manufacturing of oral care products. Various research studies prove that the use of lemon peel oil helps in promoting neurological activity and help those who are suffering from depression. The developing practice to use various essential oils for various household purpose, personal care products, and increase in trend for DIY methods is driving the market of peel oil.

Clean labeling of end-use products by manufacturers could be more instructional and provision of scientific proofs regarding the health and other benefits of the peel oil are essential in response to buying strategy of consumers. This will facilitate the manufacturers to expand their consumer base and boost the growing demand for the peel oil market. The manufacturers are expected to develop their R&D capabilities to cater the growing demand for essential oil for a variety of uses and applications. The manufacturers of cosmetics, personal care, skin care products are expected to increase the use of peel oil and expand their product portfolio. The manufacturers are also expected to focus on distillation techniques or extraction methods for the development of organic peel oil. There is a need for educational marketing and raising awareness among the consumers about the wide spectrum benefits of peel oil.

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Peel Oil Market Segmentation

The Peel oil market can be segmented on the basis of nature, source, end user and distribution channel.

On the basis of nature, the peel oil market has been segmented as-



On the basis of source, the peel oil market has been segmented as-






Others (lime, etc.)

On the basis of end user, the peel oil market has been segmented as –

Food and Beverages

Fragrance Industry



On the basis of the distribution channel, the peel oil market has been segmented as-



Hypermarkets/ Supermarkets

Convenience Stores

Specialty Stores

Online Stores

Peel Oil Market: Regional Analysis

At present, North America shares majority of the global peel oil market, which is followed by European countries as the demand for natural ingredients in food & beverages, cosmetics and other industries is rising. On the other hand Southeast Asia, is expected to witness significant growth in terms of production over the forecast period.

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Peel Oil Market: Key Participants

Some of the market participants in the Peel oil market are: Vigon International Inc., Heritage Brands Pty Ltd., Health & Beauty natural Oils Co. Inc., Global Essence Inc., Essential Care Organics Ltd., TERRA Holdings, LLC.,
The Essential Oil Company, Frontier Natural Products Co Op.