PeepMe, The Fun Social Network Allows Users to Compare Millions of Products and Find the Best Prices

A new social network has been launched that is set to fight the retail outlets and let the consumer get a better price on products they buy


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2014 -- Consumers are spending hours on their computers trying to find great deals on products, hours that could be better spent having a laugh with their friends and getting out to the pub for a social gathering. A new social network called PeepMe has made it easier for people to find the best prices for products they are interested in buying by allowing users of their social network to share products and the prices they have paid with millions of users. Shoppers no longer have to pay the first price they see or spend hours on the Internet looking for great deals. By using the social network users, can see what everyone else has bought and where they have bought them from and see how much they have paid.

For a long time now retail outlets have had the upper hand, knowing it consumers would have to do lots of research to find out if the price they are charged is more expensive than other outlets. However, thanks to Peepme (, it takes no time at all to find out if the retail outlet are charging too much and if they are, then consumers can simply go elsewhere.

Shoppers who love a good deal and would like to see what other people are buying can simply join the Peepme social network within a few second. The social network is fast becoming the enemy of retail outlets that are getting fed up with modern technology reducing their sales.

Peepme has been called the most exciting social network since Twitter, allowing users to meet people from all over the world and share their experiences and lifestyle. By registering users, can share pictures of products and services they have bought and share with the world the great deals they have got.

A spokesman for Peepme said: "Unless retail outlets are going to get more competitive on price shoppers will go elsewhere. With our social network, high price has no hiding places for retail outlets who charge high prices."

Peepme is available now in the App Store at:

About Peep Me
Peep me is a newly launched social networking community. Users can register to this platform with their mail Id of Facebook ID. For more information please visit