Pegasun Has Just Launched Their System Utilities 6 Software That Will Make PCs Run Like They Are Brand New

Pegasun officially launched their System Utilities 6, which significantly improves the performance, security, life-expectancy, and battery life of all PCs and laptops


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/28/2020 -- Pegasun, a software company that specializes in computer optimizations, announced today that they are releasing System Utilities 6, a software that maximizes the performance of all PCs and laptops running Windows 7 or 10 operating system. It does so by performing over 20 types of different optimizations such as cleaning PCs, slimming startup time, reducing unnecessary services, removing bloatware, etc.It also uses advanced algorithms to find the culprit of PC problems and slowdowns.

Nowadays, people are using their computers for pretty much everything: online entertainment, video chatting, TV shows, social media, video games. Many people are even using their PC to perform their job from home. This extended use of PCs causes it more stress and slows it down over time. "Just like cars, our PC needs to be maintained.", said Paul G. Mace, spokesman of Pegasun. "What happens when we don't maintain our cars for years? It performs very poorly and eventually our engine will stop working. Although our PCs aren't that extreme of a case, without regular maintenance, it will start to slowdown significantly and perform everyday operation poorly. The last thing we would want is for it to lag or crash during an important work. That's why it's more crucial than ever to make sure our PCs are running at optimal condition and speed."

With System Utilities, people can now maintain and keep their PC running in brand new condition with one click of a button. Their "One-Click Optimizations" feature performs all the legwork of PC maintenance in the background, saving average users 2 – 5 hours of manual maintenance work. Once the optimization completes, a summary screen is provided for all the work that has been completed on their PC. For advanced users, System Utilities also includes over 28in-house built tools for every PC maintenance needs.

Pegasun System Utilities is available for download worldwide. They offer two types of licensing models; Free and Premium version. The free version itself includes many features users can use to optimize their PC performance at no charge. However, the premium versions provide the complete PC maintenance experience. To contribute to helping people during these challenging times, Pegasun is also offering its premium lifetime license for $39.99. They are including lifetime updates and upgrades with this license. This essentially means purchase once and never have to worry about purchasing or running an outdated PC maintenance software again.

About Pegasun
Pegasun is an internet software company based in Phoenix, AZ. Founded in 2017, Pegasun has designed, developed, and distributed their computer optimization software to over a million customers globally. Pegasun System Utilities received many positive media and user reviews throughout the internet in recognition of their software.

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