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Pellow Engineering Services, Inc. Reports Growing Demand for the Company's Innovative and Highly Useful Safety Reference Cards and Handbooks

This press release goes into detail and explores the recent growing demand for safety education, and other information related to the rigging and crane industry. The press release also looks at the level of expertise and professionalism offered by Pellow Engineering Services, Inc.


Leawood, KS -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/07/2015 -- Pellow Engineering Services, Inc. is an innovative and forward-looking company that specializes in engineering safety and various aspects of rigging and Crane safety. The company reports growing demand for its cutting-edge and highly useful safety reference cards and handbooks. This recent increase in demand is likely due to the fact that federal and state governments now require crane operators as well as riggers to be certified. Mandates and recent regulations now make it imperative for those operating cranes and rigs to be fully trained and certified. This involves receiving the latest and most up-to-date information and training available. Pellow Engineering Services, Inc. offers a wide array of intelligently designed and custom tailored learning tools that address the basics of rigging principles and crane set up and operation techniques.

This is an important consideration in light of the fact that governmental requirements now demand that training and education be an integral part of certification. The company offers highly specialized training and reference material that focuses on key areas of study. Much of this information can be found in Bob's Rigging And Crane Handbooks and the associated reference cards. The handbooks and reference cards offer a wealth of information on operating wire rope on cranes, all types of slings and rigging hardware; practical approaches in determining load weights, center of gravity for stability and sling tensions at various rigging angles. Even in depth details on inspection and replacement criteria are included that comply with ASME Safety Standards and OSHA regulations.

Don Pellow, the company's owner recently has stated that - "we are dedicated to providing those in the industry with the most up to date, relevant and essential training and safety information available today." Bob's Rigging & Crane Handbooks and Reference Cards have been a leading source of information for construction and industry for over 25 years, and are periodically updated to convey the most current standards and regulations governing rigging and cranes. Bob's Rigging & Crane Handbooks and Reference Cards can be obtained through Pellow Engineering Services or approved distributors. This recent announcement with regard to growing demand for the company's innovative and highly useful safety reference cards and handbooks is one more clear indicator that Pellow Engineering Services, Inc. is a company that is driven to provide the absolute best in engineering safety in various aspects of rigging and Crane safety related information.

About Pillow Engineering
Pillow Engineering is a company with years of experience in engineering safety related matters. The company's owner Don Pellow is a professional speaker, nationally published author and expert witness as related to the crane and rigging industry. The company specializes in wire rope, sling, and crane and rigging safety training programs, litigation services and rigging manuals. Don Pellow is a registered professional engineer with the BS degree in engineering physics from the University of Kansas. With four decades of experience in the industry, Don also maintains professional memberships in a number of organizations such as the National Society of Professional Engineers and others. Pellow Engineering has established itself as an industry leader when it comes to rigging and crane crane safety.

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