Pelmar Engineering Comes Up as an Extensive Resource for Quality Rubber Machineries

Pelmar Engineering offers a wide range of high quality new and used machineries for rubber & tire industries. The company also helps with engineering & technological solutions


Birmingham, Erdington -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2013 -- Pelmar Engineering has reportedly come up as an extensive resource for quality rubber machinery for tire and rubber industry. The company also supports engineering and technological solutions in rubber sectors.

"For more than 45 years we are supplying new and used rubber machinery for sale. We believe in assisting our customers with high quality products at competitive rates. We are a world leader now all thanks to our premium supplies, professional service and brief delivery times", said the spokesperson from Pelmar Engineering.

The rubber machineries offered by this leading company are suitable in the production of truck, agricultural, passenger, off-the-road tires, aviation tires and solid tires.

"The products available here are also in widespread use in the technical rubber-manufacturing sectors for producing a number of rubber products like rubber sheets, O-rings, rubber mats, rubber floorings & blankets & other rubber parts needed for aerospace and automotive industries", the spokesperson added.

The new machineries offered here include calenders, mills, extruders, presses, mixers, T.B.M, cutters, tube equipment, lab equipment, retread equipment, spare parts, molds etc. Complete plants are also available from Pelmar Engineering. They have developed and designed new machines as an answer to the increasing demand in tire industry.

The firm is capable of refurbishing, rebuilding and reconditioning many types of equipment needed in the rubber & tire sector which includes lab instruments to 370 l mixers. They assure engineering assistance in turnkey projects, green-field projects & complete production-lines. The engineering team in Pelmar is always open to assist & advise the clients in finding ideal solutions, in tune with the client's technical requirements & budget limitations.

"You can count on us for technological consultation & training, logistics handling & production-line relocation. We provide rubber mixing and compounding technology consultancy for complete equipment and machinery which includes all the principle processing and preparation states for rubber & tire industry. We will analyze applications for ensuring acceptance & implementation of latest technology, compound testing, recipe preparation & manufacturing processes which would decide best preconditions for the new mixing works & existing mixing-plants", said the manager of Pelmar Engineering.

They offer most extensive review on the innovations & R and D projects pertinent to equipments in rubber and tire manufacturing and also in tire retreading and rubber recycling. "We have huge experience in offering consultation for quality-control methods, full cost-saving breakdown, production floor-management & other forms of business development activities", the manager added.

They are backed by well-experienced engineers & professional riggers for containerization projects. For more info, visit

About Pelmar
Pelmar offers a wide range of machinery for the tire & rubber industry with short delivery times and professional service. Our engineering team will be happy to assist and advise you in finding the right solutions, tailored to your technical requirements and budget limitations. Furthermore, Pelmar carries an extensive inventory of machines suited to most of the segments in any rubber sector.