MyReviewsNow Introduces The Pencil Portrait Master On Sale Now At A Very Affordable Price

MyReviewsNow in announces new affiliation with the Pencil Portrait Master. The Pencil Portrait Master teaches students in a step-by-step manner how to hone their drawing skills from renown teacher Christopher Sia.


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/21/2011 -- Christopher Sia claims with sincere self-deprecation that he has no innate artistic drawing talent. This claim is belied by the reality of the masterful pencil portraits that he creates. These works of art could be mistaken for high-quality black and white art photos taken by a master photographer. In the art world, there are some who simply have a gift, even if they claim they do not.

What Mr. Sia undoubtedly does have is a further gift for teaching his methods to eager students seeking to improve their own skills. He has compressed years of painstaking trial-and-error into a comprehensive instruction program unlike any other. The Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery Home-Study Course incorporates all of Mr. Sia's methods in one easy-to-follow course that is now being made available for a limited time on the MyReviewsNow website at a price of $47.

In the Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery Home-Study Course, Sia reveals his secrets and methods for drawing realistic pencil portrait renderings in a step-by-step guide that promises to instruct even beginning artists how to create these magnificent pictures.

Mr. Sia was not an overnight success. He had struggled for several years trying to perfect his craft, and had reached a plateau in his artistic development where he felt he was stagnating and not making the progress he felt he should be making. He threw his concentration and efforts into teaching others, but somehow felt this was at the expense of his artistic growth.

Then one day Sia attended an event where other pencil artists shared their art. He was astounded. He had thought he was good, but here he was exposed to art that inspired him anew. He realized that the plateau he had reached and the stagnation he felt was due to his own complacency and self-satisfaction. After that event, he did some soul-searching and rededicated himself to his craft. In his own words:

"I sat at my drawing table looking at all of my previous pencil portrait drawings … and eventually thought of a different way to draw, to conceive, a different way to make portraits more realistic and lifelike.

"I begin practicing and drawing every day again [and began] to crack the code of going to the next level of pencil portrait drawing.

"The word 'Practice makes perfect,' is so true!"

Sia discovered the secrets of realism in rendering pencil portrait drawings. Now he wishes to share these secrets and methods.

Christopher Sia's Realistic Pencil Portrait Drawing Mastery Home-Study Course is a truly step-by-step guide that teaches these techniques of pencil-rendering mastery. The course consists of five separate lesson plans that teach a step-by-step process to accurately render human facial features and compose incredibly realistic portraits. The lessons are filled with insights and tips about how to develop and enhance any student's artistic techniques.

As three added bonuses, the Course includes Lesson Process Maps for all five of the course lessons that graphically illustrate the steps of each individual lesson, 100 high-resolution reference photos and a 12-week Pencil Portrait Mastery Exercise book designed to hone the skills of the practicing student.

This course would be up to a $900 dollar value were a student to take one of Mr. Sia's courses in person, but now this home-study course is being offered for a limited time at $47, with lifetime program updates included in the initial purchase and a 60-day money back guarantee.

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