Penguin 3.0 Foiled by Linklure


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/27/2014 -- The most recent rollout of the Google algorithm changes has many people that own websites upset as their rankings have gone down or been deleted completely. For those that rely on income from their web sites, that is a real cause of concern.

Fortunately for those that have been using, that has not been an issue as it has built in algorithm update protection in the way the backlinks are built as well as the backlink infrastructure and the recent Penguin 3.0 update has not affected those that use that system.

Google constantly updates their algorithms in order to maintain relevancy in ther ranking of sites and to stop those that have figured out the previous algorithm and adjusted their sites accordingly. Those that have worked to game the system are usually affected negatively by these updates and are often hurt when updates like Penguin and Panda are rolled out by Google. It is necessary that Google update their algorithm so as to keep up with the ever changing dynamics of the internet world and they spend considerable money in their research and development, their coding and their updating processes.

Website masters do the same as they continually adjust their methods to rank in the search engines as well and thus there is a constant back and forth between the two entities.

Services like Linklure, that maintain a high quality process to rank sites are rarely if ever affected and for those website owners that use the linklure ranking process there is no cause or reason to be concerned as the rankings for those sites remain stable. Although there will always be updates in Google's algorithm, there will always be SEO services that will work through them to make sure that web sites that are quality with quality backlinking will always rise to the top so that the searcher gets the best possible return when they enter a keyword or search term.

It is impossible to guess when Google will update their search engine, and it should be to keep things as transparent as possible and Google, a multi-billion dollar company does all it can to maintain an objective source for the searcher, even going so far as to have no ads on their main page thus giving up billions in revenue annually.

Services like go out of their way to ensure that, from the web site owners point of view, that the same is accomplished and although many see the two clashing, the owners of Linklure see it more of offering a proper service to compliment Google and it’s algorithms.