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Penhall Technologies Clears the Path for Mobile Home Park Utility Upgrades


Anaheim, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/08/2017 -- In early 2015, San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) launched a Mobile Home Park Utility Upgrade Program. This program seeks to replace mobile home park (MHP)-owned distribution systems with new SDG&E-owned gas and electrical lines to provide individual meters for every mobile home. Currently, most MHPs have access to electricity and gas from one source and one meter and many are still using aged and potentially hazardous utility lines. The upgrade program will improve the safety of the utility lines and will provide accurate consumption per resident. SDG&E states that "About 305 mobile home parks and manufactured housing communities with a total of 33,073 residence spaces are eligible for new energy systems to replace old master-metered and sub-metered systems." MHPs across California may be eligible for upgrade assistance.

In November 2016, a team of four analysts from Penhall Technologies began mapping out the location of the old, MHP-owned utility lines using ground penetrating radar (GPR) at four of San Diego's MHPs including The Cliffs, Vista Royal Lodge, Vista Grove, and Rancho San Marcos. In addition to identifying the existing water, gas, and electric lines, the GPR Analysts also identified and marked all other subsurface hazards to ensure a clear path for trenching prior to installing the new utility lines. Penhall Technologies' utility locating services are a reliable resource for MHPs or contractors planning to participate in the utility upgrading efforts to keep the projects safe, on time, and on budget. "These MHPs have hired us to perform full service utility locating for upgraded gas and electric in care of SDG&E's Mobile Home Park Upgrade pilot program. I have worked countless hours on these projects, providing thorough and accurate mark-outs." stated San Diego based Analyst, Curtis Burris.

Penhall Technologies can locate gas, sewer, water and drainage lines, underground storage tanks, PVC pipes and telecommunications lines on private residential, commercial, and industrial properties

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