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Penis Enlargement Surgery Now Most Common Male Cosmetic Surgery Procedure


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/02/2015 -- Recent analysis by one of the UK's leading cosmetic surgery practices has revealed that penis enlargement surgery is now their most common cosmetic surgery procedure for men. With up to 50 enquiries about the procedure each month, it overtakes rhinoplasties at the top spot, and is predicted to remain there for the foreseeable future.

According to a representative from this cosmetic surgery practice, while most men having the procedure are single, an increasing number are already in happy marriages. The representative then went on to say that "while some men are happy in their relationship, it feels to them that the size of their penis detracts from the sexual pleasure felt by themselves or their partner."

"Thanks to the widespread availability of penis enlargement surgery, especially in London, many men now have a realistic chance to do something about these concerns. What's more, the procedure is a simple one – either the cutting of a single ligament to increase length (the average size increase is one inch), or by transferring fat to the penis to increase girth, a procedure that might need repeating in the future. No sex is allowed for 6 weeks, but there are rarely any other restrictions or complications."

But why do so many men now think that they are too small when it comes to their penis? This cosmetic surgery practice also has the answers to this question, thanks to the numerous stories they've heard from different patients. The main reason for their belief that their penis is too small stems from comments made by sexual partners – comments that are often simply throw-away ones, but that stick in the memory for years to come.

Many others feel that the size of their penis has prevented them from forming long-term relationships, and now yearn for the chance to develop a lasting relationship with a partner. According to the representative, the internet has also made people more concerned, thanks to the massive amount of statistics about average penis size and the increased knowledge by the general public of the condition known as micro-penis (generally when the erect penis is shorter than 7cm or 2 ¾ inches).

This cosmetic surgery practice is also keen to point out the fact that the vast majority of patients are extremely satisfied with their procedure, and with the results it has gained. They also speculate that it is this satisfaction rate which has driven the demand for penis enlargement, as more and more people find that it is a genuine surgical procedure for those with issues about their penis size.

For those reading this who are interested in finding out more about penis enlargement surgery, the company representative urges you to visit their website, or alternatively give them a call in order to speak with one of their team.

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